Monday, April 23, 2012

Pregnancy Cocktail

So this is what I have been drinking, pretty regularly for the past 17 weeks. I can handle water better now but at first the thought of drinking water really was unappetizing. So I settled for this. A glass with crushed ice, filled with sparkling water, and then topped off with just like 1/4 cup unsweetened cranberry juice. This may just be my most favorite, "healthy" drink, ever. Try it!

Friday, April 13, 2012

"i yike dis mom!!"

We have snack time every day after we pick up Braxton from school. It's a special time of day for us.

I don't give my kids a snack whenever they ask. I don't think it's good for their systems to constantly be digesting food. So we have designated times, and it works for us. If they ask for a snack during a not snack time it usually just means they are bored. I don't starve my kids, promise.

Sometimes we have homemade pie for after school snack. This is a special treat and the whole time they eat it I hear them saying how good it is and M repeats, "i yike dis, mom!"
Pie is one of my weaknesses. I love pie!! This is probably why I make it and let my kids eat it for snack. It was either share with them or eat the whole thing myself, so I shared!

If you are wondering if I think pie is healthy the answer is yes, in moderation. I make it myself using good ingredients. There are not any preservatives or additives. Just good old pie. Nothing wrong with that once in a while in my book. Obviously I don't think white flour and sugar are good for you, but once in a while if that's the worst thing you eat I think you are in good shape. It's all the artificial coloring's and preservatives that I have issues with.

Another snack that we've had this week as the sun has shown is smoothies. Yum! These are a favorite too and super fast, easy to make. Here is what I had, so here is what they got, all blended together to perfection....
1 banana
1 Tbs. orange juice concentrate
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen raspberries
1 cup spinach
1 cup plain kefir
touch of water

This was super refreshing and after I poured their's I was stoked that there was plenty left for the momma. Now I will go sip with my lil sippers.

Happy Friday!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yum Yum Lunch

I know, I'm a lousy blogger lately. I have some excuses but I will get into those later... or maybe I won't but either way.

Here is a quickie lunch recipe that I came up with.
Organic corn tortilla
Spread with hummus
topped with veggies (I used peppers, tomatoes, and cabbage this time!)
Roll up.
Eat it!