Monday, July 9, 2012

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam

Well I guess this year I am changing it up a bit.

Some of you know this recipe that I have always used and LOVED in years past. I still highly recommend it.
However, when I was ready to make jam this morning I realized I didn't have any of the Knox Original Flavored Gelatin. Running to the store would have been too inconvenient at the moment so...
I found this new recipe and gave it a shot.

I substituted the raspberries for the strawberries and I used less water than they suggested and didn't drain the rhubarb. I didn't want to risk loosing some flavor...but everything else is as is.
I can't say that I've tried it yet but it looks delicious and it is a way lower sugar alternative to a lot of the other jam recipes out there.

My little girl helped me whip this up while the boys played outside. She saw all the sugar and asked, "is jam good for us, mom?" I explained that when we eat it sometimes, it's ok, but yes, there is a lot of sugar in jam so we can't eat it all the time. It is a special treat. I also explained to her that since we are making it ourselves it is better for us than buying it at the store and she wanted to know why...
So there was a lot of questions and a lot of learning but I love how my children are understanding better the  makeup of their bodies and the effect that good food has on them. 

The Magic School Bus books we have been reading this summer have been helping with this as well ;)