Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Do you massage your kale?

You should!!!

I made this Massaged Kale Salad this morning and I already took a taste. Delicious!! Actually, I didn't really follow the recipe.... but I did massage the kale in the lemon juice and I did use the olive oil and honey.... I guess I followed it except I didn't use mango. I don't have any. So instead I used a bunch of orange and yellow bell pepper, some grape tomatoes, and sunflower seeds. Can't wait to eat this fresh lunch later!

The whole Kale thing is love/hate for me. I love that it is so nutrient packed but I still can't really get myself to say I like the taste of it..... that is until now. Massaging it in lemon juice makes all the difference. It takes out the bitter and adds a little zing and it's seriously delicious!

Lot's of stuff going on around here. Can that be my excuse for not blogging much??? Here is my table as of now to prove it! Waffles for the sleepy head who wakes up when she has to because her brother goes in to get dressed for school. She is lucky we saved her some breakfast. Homemade cards and treats for Teacher Appreciation Week. Braxton is a champ and likes to do it all himself. We love his teachers!! The rest is pretty self explanatory. I am going to go clean up now.

Happy Sunny Wednesday!

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