Tuesday, May 22, 2012

these are two of my current favorite things

This cereal is awesome!! I eat it with hemp milk in the morning lately. I am usually a "no cereal" kind of lady. Generally cereal is packed with sugar and simple carbohydrates and I am a huge advocate for a more protein based breakfast but for some reason during this pregnancy, and actually all of them, I want cold cereal and milk. So, this is what I give myself. And it's good. It hits the spot, it is low in sugar and a good source of protein. The hemp milk, which is not new, I always use hemp milk, is a good source of Omega 3, so I feel satisfied with this breakfast option for now.
It's not an everyday thing, but in rotation with poached eggs on toast and coconut quinoa (just quinoa that I cook in part water, part coconut milk, with a bit of cinnamon.

The salad dressing is amazing!! This is what I have been putting on my massaged kale and it's oh so good! Jeff likes it too. I massage my kale, then I add grape tomatoes, cucumber, some bell pepper, and this dressing. Let it sit for a while at room temperature and eat. Yum. Oh, and sunflower seeds too.
This dressing is created by nutritionists and the first ingredient is apple cider vinegar. There are so many health benefits to this stuff and I have been basically drinking it up.

My hormones are doing crazy/amazing things to my body but I am trying to continue to eat healthy in the ways that I can stand. It's not easy, which is probably why I devoured the old fashioned doughnut my husband brought home for me today. Thanks sweetheart.

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