Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sugar is Toxic!

With more and more research and evidence it is interesting to me that people still consume sugar in such large amounts. Here is a video that I thought was worth the 20 minutes to watch.


  1. then the food we had all week at girls camp was! seriously we had sugar at every meal prepared it was so yummy but yes it takes a toll on your body. :)

  2. oops forgot...i love this and had seen it before but had forgotten about it....thanks for sharing!!

  3. I loved watching this. I have been wanting to get together with you to talk about health. I read so many books about the different diets being the healthiest...paleo, vegetarian, vegan, raw. I always feel like okay, so which is best. It's common sense that sugar is bad and even flour and processed foods. But what about meat vs. no meat. It is always on my mind. I felt SO great on the Paleo diet but still had questions about why eating beans and legumes was a no no. Especially when the word of wisdom says to eat less meats and more grains...