Friday, September 28, 2012

Gluten Free Pizza dough

Tonight's dinner was delicious. We walk, alot, and lately our walks have taken us past Little Ceasars pizza which always leads Adelle to ask, "when can we have pizza, mom?" Tonight when Emmett was on the counter helping me make the crust and the other kids asked what we were having for dinner they practically jumped through the ceiling when I said pizza.
It was a win all the way around.
Nothing really better then sending your 4 year old outside to the back garden to pick tomatoes, then blending them up in the Ninja with some onion and garlic for homemade pizza sauce.
Then I found this online recipe for gluten free crust and just so happened to have all the ingredients to make it. Yum. It was amazing. I didn't add the powdered milk but I followed everything else to the tee. We usually have lots of left over pizza but not this time. The measly 3 pieces that are left will not feed my family lunch tomorrow. Dang.

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  1. I love homemade pizza, have you ever made your own crust using cauliflower? That's pretty good actually.

    And this has nothing to do with anything, but we got another order of omega fish oil swirls, (Kristina Engens son sells it) and we got samples of lemon peel flavor, it's DELICIOUS my favorite yet. It tastes like lemon meringue pie filling or something :) Just in case you were wondering!!