Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oatmeal Sundaes and Kale

Not together, silly!!

This morning was oatmeal Sundaes! My kids got excited when I told them what we were having. Anything with the word Sundae at the end just sounds exciting and delicious, right.

I soaked my Gluten Free Oats overnight. Just a pot full of the oats, covered in water, with a Tbs. Apple Cider Vinegar. Overnight it sat. You can read more about soaking oats here if you want.

This morning I drained the water and put in fresh. Then I cooked the oatmeal as usual.

After the oatmeal was cooked I put a scoop in each of the kids bowls. 
Then they got to take it from there.

I had chopped up
and kefir if they wanted to mix some of that in as well, which of course they did!

They anxiously filled their bowls with whatever they wanted.
They totally loved it!!!

And yesterday I made these again for the first time this season. I had some extra Kale from my harvest bin and it needed to be used. The C cousin loved the kale chips as much as B-Rax.


  1. Breakfast tomorrow! I wonder if I can just soak the oat groats and then cook them like that. I've never cooked them whole before but I don't have any rolled and don't feel like taking out my mill!

  2. I have wondered about the oat groats too. I will try it and let you know!