Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It never fails. People ask me questions about certain ailments they are fighting. People tell my symptoms they are suffering from that never go away. 99 % of the time it is because they are suffering from Candida and they don't even know it. I was suffering from Candida last year and I didn't even know it. Then I got sick and I couldn't get better. What was going on?????
But I didn't have yeast infections! Isn't that what Candida means????
This was the argument in my head over and over until I took this test and realized that I was in bad shape. Not because I was super unhealthy but a little sugar here, a little stress there, a few pregnancies.... It all added up to a Candida overgrowth and since cleansing and overcoming it I feel like a new person.
So take the test here and I will be back with some pointers. If you need them, but I am pretty sure you will. I really think almost everyone I know is suffering from this in one way or another. You can hide from it for a while.... but not forever. At least not comfortably :)


  1. When I was pregnant I would suffer with reoccurring yeast infections. After I had Evan I went on a 7 day water fast/ cleanse and took psyllium husk to clean out my body. After I did that I didn't get another yeast infection for years. The first time I had another one was when I was pregnant with Kingston...sorry if this grosses you out. If I hadn't gone back to eating unhealthy foods I am sure I wouldn't have had any more. I bought more psyllium a few weeks ago and am going to take that to do another cleanse, not a water fast though this time! How long did you go without fruit when you removed it from your diet?

  2. I have started drinking water Kefir daily to help with this.
    Here in Las Vegas Candida is a big problem. The dry hot weather really makes it hard to get rid of it. One proof of Heavenly Father putting things where they are needed is that Chaparral grows like crazy here and it is one of the best herbs for candida.

  3. Thanks for the comment! I am learning so many new things through my reader comments and I really appreciate it. I didn't know what psyllium was and I have never heard of Chaparral either. Jena, it surprises me that Candida is a problem in Vegas. It is a huge problem here too, but because of mold. Very interesting!!