Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Physical Health

Jess you inspired this post ;)
So Wednesday night is my night to exercise. I play basketball up at my church with a whole bunch of great ladies. It's such a sanity saver and I so look forward to Wednesday nights. 2 hours of running up and down a basketball court does the body so good!!
Jeff laughs that we now have jerseys. Not me, I feel official!

I am so glad I have this outlet. I have tried to start running again but it's so hard for me! There is always something going on, or something else that I give higher priority. This is something I am really trying to work on. I buddied up with a friend recently and we decided we would trade kids so that the other could run, and vice-versa. It's great when it happens, but again a kid gets sick, it snows... it seems like something always comes up to rain on my running parade.

So, here is to focusing more on physical health. I feel so great after a good sweat and I know my body and my mind appreciate it. I will do better. Thank you Wednesday night!

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