Wednesday, March 21, 2012

pumpkin pancakes/pudding

Well this was a total experiment that turned out fantastic. I love it when that happens. My kids are usually my guinea pigs and this breakfast today was a favorite. There wasn't even enough when they all wanted more!

Last night we attempted to have oven roasted butternut squash (I bought it pre-cut in a package for convenience). BUT, it was totally pumpkin. It was stringy and we couldn't quite down it with dinner. Who wants to eat pumpkin when you are expecting to eat squash? Not us, at least not last night.
Of course I didn't throw it away. I put it in the fridge and this morning I threw it in my blender to make breakfast.

Here are the steps:
Preheat oven to 350

In the blender blend:

1 cup pumpkin (mine was fresh but you could used canned)
1/3 cup light coconut milk (it's part coconut milk, part water)
1 1/2 cups almond meal
vanilla (Emmett did this part and he got a little carried away, maybe thats why they were so good. I'm sure there was a good 2 Tbs. in there)
salt (just a dash)
cinnamon (to your liking)
1 tsp. baking powder
2 eggs
1 Tbs. softened butter or coconut oil (I used butter today)

Blend it all up and pour.
So the reason I didn't fry these is because they don't flip well. I have failed at this in the past, they are too soft. So at first attempt this morning I poured the batter in circles on my pizza stone and baked for 12ish minutes. This worked great but then they were gone and who wants to wait 12 more minutes.
So my second attempt I poured the rest in a pie pan and baked it for 15ish minutes. Then I brought it out and served it up that way. Much better.

The consistency was like a thick, warm, pudding. It was so yummy. I put some coconut oil on top and let it melt and seep in there.
The kids loved this breakfast. We will be doing this again but I will skip the little pancakes and go straight for the pie pan. Yes!

No Sugar !
No dairy !
No flour !

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  1. yum!! I always forget that I can have pumpkin other times throughout the year, not just October :). I bought some dry coconut milk the other day, have you ever tried that? I haven't used it yet but it's in a tuna sized can and you just add water...I'm curious to find out if it's good. I found it at the Asian market in the fountain district. It was cheaper than regular coconut milk which is a plus :)