Thursday, January 26, 2012

You washed those, right?

I have a really smart Gramy. She has lived a few years longer than I have and although I used to be guilty of not really applying the things she told me, I have gotten way better. Like I used to just say, "yeah, uh huh," and now I actually try what she tells me and it almost never lets me down. It's funny how the older I get, the more I realize the less I know and the more eager I am to actually give others a chance to teach me something. We aren't supposed to have to figure it all out ourselves.

So a few years ago my Gramy saw me using some "produce wash" I had paid a pretty penny for and suggested that I just use vinegar and water. The next time I saw her she actually gave me a gallon of vinegar. So I tried it. I now have a gallon of vinegar under my sink at all times, right by the trash.

So if I am washing a large quantity of food I get out a bowl, fill it about 1/2 way with cold water from my tap, and add a TBS or 2 of vinegar. Then I put in my grapes, carrots, lemons (with the peel), whatever. After they have sat there for a few minutes I drain them and quickly rinse and go on my way.

What's crazy is the residue that is usually left. Disgusting!!! That white picture is the bottom of the bowl this morning after I drained the grapes, and that's nothing. I have seen much worse in bowls of the past! Yuck. To think you would actually be eating that is gross.

Another method I use for small quantities, like if Braxton wants an apple or something, is a spray bottle which is filled with the same thing. Water and vinegar. I just give the apple a spritz and ripe it with my hands and rinse it off.

Vinegar is an antibacterial and kills most of what is living on your produce. It's super cheap and effective, without any side effects or chemicals.

And just to note I wash the organic produce the same way. People have still handled it and you never know where anything has been.

Check out this blog here! It's exactly what I wanted to say, without having to say it myself.


  1. I just pinned this and it's already been repinned :) great idea, I'm going to start doing this maybe even at work I'll start using this too.

  2. FYI - They use way more pesticide ("organic" doesn't mean pesticide free) on organic produce then non-organic because the organic pesticides wash away with the rain super fast. So that means more chemicals and more exhaust from the trucks spreading the pesticide. And as you stated, lots of grubby fingers handle food! Gross!

    I love using vinegar to clean! Works WONDERS and is way cheaper! Never thought to do this... thanks!