Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"this is Absolutely Amazing!!"

There are few things that bring me more pleasure than my husband savoring his healthy, homemade meal and complimenting my cooking in between bites. The combination is marvelous and makes me smile to the point of embarrassment. I just really love it.

Today was one of those days where I didn't feel like venturing out in the rain to the grocery store. Something about hauling kids in, zipping up coats, hauling kids out, unpacking groceries... just wasn't appealing today. Much more appealing was finding a little of this and a lot of that and throwing them together in my comfy kitchen and creating a yummy recipe. That's what I'm talking about.

My friend Amanda emailed me a recipe I requested a few weeks ago. Today in my search for a quick, easy dinner I searched my inbox for the recipe and although I would love to try it... I didn't have most of the ingredients on hand. So this is not that recipe. However, the sweet potatoes in the recipe motivated me to create our dinner (pictured above).

So I washed 2 good sized yams and cut them into cubes. Don't peel them, the skin is full of fiber. I sauteed the yams with a chopped onion and 3 gloves of garlic in about 3 Tbs. olive oil.
I added about a cup of vegetable broth, a cup of water, and a dash of each; cumin and chilli powder. I simmered that for a while (like a long while, probably 45 min until the yams were tender).
Then I added grated cabbage. I love this ingredient in soups. It's such a nice texture. I added 1/2 a green cabbage.
Cooked that until it was tender and then poured in a can of coconut milk and a can of chicken ( I didn't drain the chicken either, just poured it all in).
And there you have dinner.
I garnished with some fresh cilantro because I randomly had some in my fridge, left over from the Holiday festivities.

Jeff's response was better than I anticipated, "What is this? This is absolutely amazing. What is in here? How did you do this?" He got so excited and then... guess what he did?

Yep, he tried to get me to not even post the recipe! The nerve!

The truth is I aspire to write a recipe book. That would be fantastic. I would have healthy recipes, health tips and pictures, personal stories..... Then I would sell them and do book signings and be on Oprah (whatever).... I continually talk to him about this and the crazy head actually takes me serious.
But, the truth, and the reality is that this is number like #387 on my list of things I want to do and I'm not patient enough to not share them NOW.
So on me, please enjoy.

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  1. I could SO totally see you doing a recipe book!