Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Carrot Canadian Bacon Sandwiches

So today for lunch Adelle and Emmett and I had Carrot and Canadian Bacon sandwiches. They were pretty tasty.
High protein
High fiber
Low sugar and starch!

This "sandwich" was Adelle's creation.

All I did was cut up carrots into coin shape. You know, thinly sliced just lay the whole carrot on the cutting board and cut tons of circles.

Cut up Canadian bacon into little pieces, just because Emmett eats it better that way.

I gave them each a plate with carrot coins and canadian bacon pieces. Then I dolloped a bit of hummus on their plates and handed them to them.
The next thing I know Adelle has taken the carrot, stacked it with canadian bacon, put a carrot lid on top and says, "look mom, it's a carrot sandwich."

Works for me!

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