Monday, November 7, 2011

Supplement Monday

Oh my! I don't consider myself a very tech-y person per se but geeze, I am so frustrated lately without the full use of a normal working computer. Argh!! No pictures anywhere! Blah!

Thanks for standing by and being patient.

Today's supplement is actually a SUPPLEMENT REVOLUTION!!

The products are called Mannatech and they are what I have been using for the past while since my nutritionist recommended them. I know they have helped to get me to the healthful state I am feeling and I will continue to use them and give them to my family.

Unfortunately I am under oath that I cannot tell you that they will heal your ailments or cure your aches and pains but trust me when I say that they will greatly support your healthy lifestyle and I believe that they are the best supplement out there. They are real, people! They are made out of the foods that our bodies want/crave but that we don't feed them enough of. Studies have shown that real food vitamins are digested and absorbed way, way, better than the synthetic ones. Plus, they are derived from good, natural, ingredients. What is there not to like?

I am a bargainer and I am on a tight budget. That being said I also care a lot about what I put into the bodies around here and I do sacrifice a lot of other things to ensure good food and supplements for my family. It's worth it to me and I know that it works! I would rather pay a little more for something that I know works, then a little less for something that I don't know is working.

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Have a Happy, Healthy, Monday!

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