Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Healthy Holidays

This time of year it is easy to use the excuse, "it's Christmas" and allow yourself to overeat or binge on sweets. Here are some little tips that I would recommend to have a happy and healthy holiday.

1. Keep drinking water. Lots of water. I know that when the weather is cold water doesn't sound as good. At least not to me. So I warm it up and make herbal tea. Another way to get your water intake up is to leave your cup somewhere where you see it often. My kids' cups are always on our kitchen table. That way whenever they walk by they see it and take a drink. The benefits of water are many!

2. Share. We really like eggnog but it is not something that I think is healthy, at all. There is a local joint (Cruisin' Coffee) and they have an AMAZING egg nog milkshake. I have loved it since I was young. It's thick and creamy and oh so good. We share one. We buy one, once a year when we go caroling as a family and we share it. One milkshake, five slobbery mouths on the same straw. We each get a taste and the goodness lasts the whole season. We all love it and we don't have tummy aches afterwards.

3. Make your own frosting! I am all about baking Christmas cookies and delivering them but making my own frosting is a must! Have you ever looked at the label of store bought frosting? Way too many ingredients in there for anyones liking. Make your own with 4 ingredients: Butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, whipping cream. It's not healthy but it is free of tons of preservatives and unknown ingredients.

4. Eat a good healthy breakfast. If you are anticipating eating sweets during the day make sure you aren't eating sugary cereals or sweet treats for breakfast. Instead have a hard boiled egg or a handful of almonds. Your body needs some protein and fiber and breakfast is still an important meal to get your digestive system up and running.

5. Don't let yourself get constipated. Ew, did I use that word on my blog? No one likes it, especially not your gut. The longer the waste is in your body the more toxins leach out. So get it out of there! Sugar constipates you if you didn't know that already. Epson salt baths work well to keep things flowing, as does drinking lots of water and continuing to maintain a healthy diet. Calcium supplements also work and my next point works too, rest!

6. Get lots of sleep. Bed time is still the same around here during break.

7. Experiment with healthy side dishes. Lots of times if you go to a party, all the food is junk. So you be the one to bring the veggies or the hummus and rice crackers. Then at least you can eat it and most likely others will have some too!

8. Don't eat after dinner. I know this is tough but it's so true. An empty stomach is so healthy. It gives your body a chance to completely digest what is already in there without piling more on top. Instead of ice-cream or cookies have a warm cup of tea or a glass of water. Suck on a vitamin C if you need something in your mouth.

9. Get outside. Although the weather is cool, get out and enjoy it. Fresh air is good for you! Take the kids for a walk or send them outside to play too. No one wants to be cooped up in a house all day.

10. Only eat your favorites. Just because your neighbor brought over a tray of cookies doesn't mean you have to eat all of them. That is silly. Today, I took a bite of a cookie our friends delivered on Friday, and when it tasted stale and old I spit it out into the sink and threw the rest away. Yuck. Don't eat it just because it's there. If it doesn't taste 100% to you than toss it. We can't be wasting sugary calories on mediocre treats.

11. Take the time to relax. Sit in front of your Christmas tree. Watch a good Christmas flick. Visit with old friends. Soak in a hot tub. Enjoy the season and the peace it can bring into your life.


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