Thursday, December 1, 2011

an oldie but a goodie

A favorite lady of mine reminded me of this recipe tonight. She remembered it from a blog post a couple years ago. Check it out and notice how cute and little my Adelle was!

It's a good one!

Ironically I made it last Sunday...with a few substitutions:
Rice milk instead of Coconut milk ( I didn't have any coconut milk)
Zucchini instead of spinach. I sauteed the zucchini right in with the onions and garlic. It was tasty, I thought at least. Not a favorite with the fam.

On that note; every dinner doesn't have to be your kids' favorite. We don't make our kids eat all their dinner but we do make them try what's for dinner. If I do make something that isn't their favorite( I can anticipate this) I will have something else as a healthy side option that they can fill up on (veggies, tuna fish and cheese, hard boiled egg...)

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