Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sugar craves sugar!!!

Today I was listening to the radio and loving all the Christmas music and the broadcaster dude was telling all the listeners that they would probably want to start parking in the back of the lot at the store to burn those few extra calories that they've been eating. It made me laugh. Do people really think that parking a little further away is going to do anything? Maybe I'm the funny one but I'm not buying it.

Here is my advice and if you want to mock it, you can because I guess I am mocking his advice.
Sugar craves sugar. Right now everyone is surrounded by sugar and the more you eat, the more you indulge, the more you will want. It's true. So don't let sugar control you. You control the sugar. Don't eat it just because it's there. It's not worth it. Grab a handful of almonds, an avocado, a hard boiled egg, some carrot sticks or my favorite... A cup of herbal tea. Now that does the body good.

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  1. this is so frustratingly true. When I stopped eating sugar, I only had nautral sugars, if sugar was on the label-no matter how small-I didn't eat it. After about two weeks I stopped craving it altogether. I went over a year without it. Then last Christmas I had just ONE tiny bite of some toffee and then I just craved it like a crazy person. So the first couple weeks are hard but after you get past that, it's easy and doable. I am going to start here again soon starting with juicing my own veggies for two meals a day, just to get my body more nutrients. The other day I was craving something healthy but hadn't gone shopping for awhile so I sauteed up some brussel sprouts for lunch haha. They were good!!

    Also side note: my mom's friend (Kristina Engen)'s son works for Bareleans and gave us a sample of their mango peach omega swirl, it is so gooood!! I was really skeptical because it has zero sugar and it's fish oil for crying out loud!! Now it's my 'treat' after I have breakfast. I'll be putting some orders in for more :D thanks for that tip!!