Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let it Go, Let it Go. Let it Go.

This the the non-order my house was in all day today, and you know what? It was awesome. I even left it like that while I snuggled up for a nap sandwiched between B and A.

Christmas break thus far has been one thing after another. Going here, there, everywhere and today we just stayed home and chilled.
We woke up early and hung out. Watched some movies. Then I called my friend who lives too far away and just had a baby girl. I made pumpkin pancakes with coconut milk and my kids gobbled them up. We did crafts. I tried a new bread recipe. I did dishes forever it felt like. Made taco soup with fresh tomatoes that was delicious. The kids played. M and I did some puzzles. Jeff got home earlier than expected. A was in her nighty until 5:00pm. I love these kind of days. There is something really healthy about just being at home, hanging out, relaxing, napping, baking.... Christmas break therapy right here!

Then tonight, after I got dressed and dressed A, our teenage friends came over for dinner and to play with our kids so that Santa and I could go finish our shopping. We only had one more thing and we got it so we are completely done and ready. What a good feeling.
We love these girls! They take such good care of our kids and they love doing it. They seriously ask us when they can come babysit.
And to make this a healthy post they even tried the fish oil! Yep, they did and guess what they had to say about it?
H (the first to take the plunge) "it tastes like peaches."
T "it does taste like peaches."
So there you have it. Santa, if you are reading this you know what to give these girls in their stockings!

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