Saturday, September 24, 2011

Healthy Breakfast in a Crock-Pot

Do you LOVE rice pudding??

I do!

My grandma makes it for special occasions and it has always been my favorite treat. When I got married and moved away I called her and she told me the recipe over the phone.
Basically rice pudding is a ton of sugar, white rice, and milk.
All of the things I try to avoid.

Now what do I do?
Well, when my grandma makes it for special occasions I still eat it. And I still love it! And I let my kids eat it because they love it and I want them to always remember that tradition.
Moderation, right.

This is how I make rice pudding in my healthy home.

Turn my 3 quart crock-pot on high
( I never measure....yikes! I think I need to start so I can tell YOU!)
Pour in about 3 cups of water
2 cups of short grain brown rice
1 can coconut milk, or light coconut milk
dash some cinnamon to your preference
add raisins if you please
Put on the lid and cook for 3 hours, or until the liquid is all absorbed.

And that my friends is really yummy, warm, stick to your innards, comfort food on a cold day,
Healthy Breakfast, lunch, snack....
In a crock-pot.

No added sugar. No gluten. No dairy.

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  1. I've never liked rice pudding because it has so much milk in it...but I think I'd like it with coconut milk.