Monday, September 26, 2011

Nutrition Class

A good friend of ours was talking to my husband last week and she said something to him like this:
"So I used to think Andrea was totally off the wall with all of her healthy eating and minimal fast food but you need to tell her that I've totally seen the light and I want her to teach me everything she knows. I want her to go grocery shopping with me, cook dinner with me, and help me find things that my kids want to eat!"

When Jeff came home and told me the conversation I beamed. It's such a great feeling when someone wants to learn and change. I want to help everyone but not everyone is ready to learn.

This dear friend is really serious about this! She called me today to tell me that she scheduled for me to come teach a class, at her house, and that she invited 58 of her facebook friends.

So I'm totally there!
You should come too!
If you are interested leave a comment and I will let you know the location.

This Thursday September 29
Babysitting Provided
Come learn and eat tasty, HEALTHY, snacks!

I am going to be focusing the lesson on:
Water vs. Juice/pop/soda/coffee/milk.... how I get my kids to drink water instead of ________
Healthy pumpkin recipes.............Just because a recipe calls for pumpkin doesn't mean it's "healthy" but it can be with a few easy alterations!
Snacks for young children
Good fats

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