Monday, September 19, 2011

Supplement Monday

So I had an idea. On Monday I am going to introduce supplements that we take in this healthy house.
Supplements are a big part of our healthy habits. I know they can be expensive but we are all about prevention over here. If I can save us a month of being out sick, that is worth it to me.
Something else to note. We rarely take the same supplement for longer than a few months. The idea is that you take it to build up whatever area you need strengthening. Then you stop for a while until you feel like you need it again.

Today's supplement is Symbiotics Colostrum Plus Wild Cherry Chewables
I buy these at the local Super Supplements. You can order them online here.
These are a good one for Fall. They help build up the good bacteria in your intestine so that you can fight off the bad guys.

I take these every morning on an empty stomach and I give them to my kids the first thing when they wake up in the morning, on an empty stomach as well. We each take 2. Except for Emmett who takes 1. I will give him 2 when he is no longer nursing. For now he reaps the benefits of me taking them as well.

The kids like these. Bonus.

Yes. These are colostrum. The stuff that your baby gets first thing upon entering the world before your milk comes in. Interesting how our bodies are so perfectly designed to meet our needs. Here are some benefits of colostrum that I found at:

- Colostrum is a concentrated (high in nutrients) liquid that is made especially for baby’s needs.

- Colostrum also encourages baby’s first bowel movement, clearing his digestive tact of meconium (first dark stool)

- Colostrum also contains many antibodies and growth factors. The growth factors promote development of baby’s digestive system and the antibodies promote the immune system.

- It contains immunoglobulin A, which is an antibody that protects baby against infections of the throat, lungs and intestines.

- It contains protective white cells which help destroy disease causing bacteria and viruses

- Colostrum has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Anything Colostrum can do for a baby it can just as well do for a child or an adult.

If you are still wanting to read up I've attached a couple more sites on the benefits of colostrum



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