Saturday, October 8, 2011

Clam Linguine

Have you ever used brown rice pasta? They are so delicious! I don't even think you can tell they aren't just plain ol' noodles. Same texture and everything. These ones pictured above are my favorites. Maybe because they are the most affordable? I get them at Trader Joe's.

Thursday night we had Clam Linguine for dinner.

I made a few substitutions to this recipe to make it a bit healthier for our family.

Added extra garlic! Garlic is so, so, so, good for you. I will post on this soon! In the meantime eat lots of it!
Used butter only, no olive oil because of these reasons.
Added extra juice from the clams to make it more runny and less oily.
Used the brown rice noodles picture above.

So there you have a yummy dinner. I also served broccoli coleslaw on the side. The kids loved the linguine. I wasn't sure how fond they would be of the clams but they totally ate it up!

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