Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pumpkin Breakfast Biscuits

Remember this biscuit recipe that is my family's favorite?

Well I modified it yesterday to make it taste a little more like fall.
I used only whole wheat flour
Instead of the milk I added pumpkin and water
Then instead of the cream of tartar I added cinnamon and nutmeg.

They were super delicious and my kiddos gobbled them up for breakfast with butter on top.

In our home it's all about making from scratch. This eliminates so many fillers, preservatives, chemicals, extra sugars, corn syrups, pesticides...
These biscuits will last on our counter (well considering they didn't all get eaten) for about 2 days. After which they would get moldy.
To me that says they are a much healthier option than anything you would buy at the store.

Plus they are so easy and fast!


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