Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

So I have to sadly say that our computer is down. Poor thing has pretty much died. I am at my parents eating warm beef stew. Yum!

Until I am back here are some helpful hints that have been on my mind as of late:

When you carve your pumpkins save the seeds. Roast them in your oven with a little butter and salt on 350 for 20-30 minutes. Pumpkin seeds are so good for you!! Eat them. Feed them to your kids!!

Halloween is tomorrow. Remember Halloween doesn't just mean candy! Make it about costumes and pumpkins and celebrating fall. Let them eat a piece or two of candy and then find a local dentist or charity who buys the candy to send away to the troops. My community does this, so I suggest you looking into it if you are interested.

Remember that disease, virus, bacteria feed on sugar too! You don't want those monsters on the insides of your kiddos!

Happy Healthy Halloween!

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  1. sorry about your computer!! When you get a chance I was wondering what you would suggest for someone who is highly encouraged to get a flu shot for work (me!) but doesn't necessarily want to. I got one last year and it didn't seem to make any difference except my arm hurt for 2 weeks. That was my first and possibly last flu shot. But I still need/want to be healthy through the winter, especially working with LOTS of germs and folks who don't cover and cough :) If you have any ideas that would be wonderful, Thanks!!