Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"we're gonna party like it's your birthday..."

These are the cookies I used. I got these for super cheap at The Grocery Outlet. They are all natural and organic. Our friends own the one in town so go there, you're sure to find a bargain!
Kind-of Homemade Ice cream Sandwiches.

Ok, I didn't make the ice cream or the cookies but I sure did take the two and layer them. All by myself in about 5 minutes even.

So here is the thing. I have children. Normal kids who like treats and associate birthdays with treats. Don't we all do this? I don't have a problem with a treat once in a while. Don't deprive yourself, right. However, when treats start to be a daily thing, even weekly thing, than you start to have a problem. These poor little ones get addicted to sugar. Honestly they do and that is unhealthy! Also, treats before bed. Not really happenen around here. My kids go crazy if they eat sugar before bed. Nightmares, talking in their sleep. It's not good for your system when you pour in sugar before bed.

So my son turned 6 yesterday. He wanted a chocolate cake decorated like a karate guy. When it came down to it my day ran out of time. How do you explain to your 6 year old that you didn't have time to make the cake they wanted when you were helping in their classroom and having their friend and his whole family over for dinner. Not to mention creating a special FHE game featuring him and making sure the house was clean (from the birthday party the night before) to welcome the guests....

Well I didn't even have to explain. I pulled out these babies and there was no mention of the absent karate cake. These things are 1 1/2 inches in diameter people. Small. Bite size. They each had one. They each savored the one. That's it. My kids don't even ask for two. They know everyone gets one. period.

Happy Birthday Treat without the huge, garbage filled cupcake with trans-fat frosting!

Just wanted you to know there are alternatives. You always have options. I love my kids too and want them to be spoiled on their birthdays. That's why I've created a very sneaky way to do it!

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  1. those actually look good, good thing you didn't give him those "cookies" you had me try the other day they said cookie on the package but I am pretty sure they were made with seaweed and tofu ? hahaha I know you are going to make it so I can't comment on here anymore hu? I joke but I know you are a good mom who lets her kids have plenty of treats and cooks delicious healthy things for all :)