Thursday, February 9, 2012

Black Bean Salsa

This is an old, very adaptive recipe that continues to be a favorite. To all of you who were here last Tuesday and keep asking me for recipes I will continue to post them. Here is the one for the black bean dip/salsa.

I use dry black beans. They are super, super cheap and I don't add salt
You can use canned black beans as well.

If you use dry beans you rinse them in cold water.
Cover them in cold water.
Soak them overnight.
Drain off the water and add new water to cover beans + about 3 inches or so.
Cook in crock-pot on high/low for 6/8 hours.
(you could add garlic, onion.... whatever, but I don't because remember how I put these in muffins/pancakes! Yeah I don't think garlic beans would make very good chocolate muffins:)

Ok so take about 2 cups of black beans.
Drain and rinse them.
Put them in a big bowl.
Add one diced sweet pepper (yellow, orange or red)
Add one clove of garlic
Add one diced red onion
Add a handful of chopped cilantro
Add one chopped up avocado
Add 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon

Mix it all together and serve.

You can add a jalapeno too if you want but I usually don't because it makes it too hot for my kids.

*ok no fair now I totally want this and I don't have any in my fridge! bummer!*

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