Monday, February 13, 2012

Supplement Monday

Another question that I was asked last week was what supplements I take on a regular basis?
I know that I list many different supplements on here but that is a good question and no, I don't take all of them all the time!

There are three supplements that I always take and each for a different, important reason.

The first one is a multi-vitamin. Multi-vitamins help to pick up where our food leaves off. They are full of vitamins A,C,D,E and K, and tons of minerals.
This is the multi-vitamin I am currently taking and love!
The reason I love it so much is because I can actually tell in my body when I take it and when I don't.
Also, I know my body is absorbing it, which is huge. Studies are starting to find that many of the supplements people are paying good money for are never even dissolving in the body, therefore providing 0 nutritional benefit. I like to know that my body is actually getting the amount of nutrient that is posted on the label.
You can get this through me or through the website link on the right sidebar. If you like the one who have just make sure it is whole food based and not synthetic.

The next thing is fish oil. Fish oil is essential for numerous reasons and it has proven time and time again to be beneficial to me and my children.
I found this information helpful in summing most of it up.
I give my kids this fish oil everyday , I tsp. and I take this fish oil, everyday, 1 tsp. Their's tastes good, mine is swallowable without gagging but I am also used to it. The reason I give them a different one is because they really like it and it's a local company. The reason I take a different one is because it is more potent in Omega 3's and it doesn't contain any Omega 6's. You need a balance of both but you really need to make sure not to get too many 6's. 6's are found in most things you eat and 3's are not. I would prefer that my kids take the one that I take, but they wouldn't like it and I like that they like it so much, and that it has good nutritional benefits for them. (Plus I really watch their 6 levels which is why I don't use vegetable oils/canola oils in baking....) I buy the Barlean's right at the factory and the other stuff at my Naturpath doctor's office.

And the third must have supplement in this home is a probiotic. Remember gut health, equals overall health and a probiotic helps maintain a healthy gut.
This is the one I take. I take it on an empty stomach between lunch and dinner. Just once a day, no big deal. I keep it in the fridge to keep the good bacteria alive and kicking. I really swear by this stuff. I don't order it online, I get it at our local Co-op.

And there you have it. 1,2,3! The other ones come and go based on season and circumstance.
And one more thing. I don't take all of these and eat whatever I want. That would be a waste. I take these supplements while eating a healthy, whole food, diet. I really think it all works together.

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