Saturday, February 25, 2012

Soup in a BOX

I bought this soup the other day because there are those times when you just need to grab something for a quick meal. If all you have is Top Ramen, then that is what you will grab. So, I like to have some healthy, quick options, on hand at all times.

This soup is diary free, Gluten free. You have to watch the labels though because this brand often uses dairy in their soups. In this one they use coconut milk instead.

This soup is delicious (we love curry!) The curry is mild though and the soup has a small amount of sweet and spice. My husband really liked this soup. He came home from working outside in the wind and rain and this was the perfect lunch. We ate it with some sprouted grain crackers. I'm not sure if my kids would have liked this. It may be a little too spicy. They ate lunch at a Birthday party so....I don't know. I didn't offer them any.

I bought it at Fred Meyer but I know Haggen and The Co-op also carry this brand of soup. As does Trader Joes.... I'm pretty sure :)

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