Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Overnight Buttermilk Pancakes

Today was my week to teach to the preschoolers of which my daughter is part of. It's a cooperative program and the mom's rotate teaching.
Our letter today was P and so I thought it would be to have all of us wear pajamas and eat pancakes for snack.
Yes! It was deliciously, comfortably fun!

So my usual pancakes are a combo of pumpkin/squash, almond meal, blended beans.... and I wasn't sure how all the preschoolers would react. So I decided to go a little more traditional and just use whole wheat flour. I have been reading a bit on soaking flour before using it to break down the phytates and make it more digestible so I decided to give it a try.

I got a lot of my information
here on why to soak grains before eating them.

I found the recipe here, and they were delicious!

Sourdough bread is delicious and the next challenge for me will be to create a good starter and start making my own sourdough bread. It's making me hungry just thinking about it.

I typically don't use bread a bunch because of the high sugar content and high carb. count. Plus, I usually feel bloated after eating bread.
BUT Bread is SO GOOD you say, and my kids say it too, so maybe this whole overnight thing will be our fix. It was a hit for breakfast!! That's for sure!

Also I don't normally do dairy either but I did use the Cultured Buttermilk this time. I will have to experiment with vinegar/lemon juice to see what I can come up with.

I would love to hear if you have done this and what worked/didn't work for you. AND, if you have a good sourdough starer please share :)


  1. Yumm I'm going to have to try those. I'm no a huge pancake fan but a few times a year I get an intense pancake craving but haven't had any for almost three years!! Is it ok to leave the buttermilk/flour mixture on the counter overnight? I think I'd want to refrigerate it....

  2. Yes, good question! It is ok to leave on the counter overnight. Lots of good bacteria in there.

  3. Hey Andrea, I totally stalk your blog...sorry for the creepiness of that. I use this website for most of my sourdough starter questions. http://www.breadtopia.com/
    Its the most comprehensive and helpful I have found. They also have some great directions on how to get your own starter going. I tried getting one going from other websites, but wasn't ever really successful. (Mostly because we always seemed to be leaving for a vacation right in the middle of trying to getting going)
    Earlier this year I learned that Thomas's co-worker had a starter that was over 100 years old and would give us some. In searching for recipes I found this website and love it. Apparently pineapple juice is the key. I believe there are also directions on how to turn your starter into a wheat flour starter, I haven't tried yet, still trying to get the hang of how to use it for some recipes and how it rises/reacts before I mess with it.
    Anyway, I would be willing to give you some of our starter if you would like. We have pretty much just made pancakes with it and I use almond milk if dairy is needed in the recipes. Its obviously not a thick, but I have a hard time with dairy and has been a big trigger for a fussy baby while breastfeeding so we just don't have it around. It seems to work just fine, I haven't tried any lemon juice/vinegar yet either.
    Again sorry for the stalking :)

  4. I guess my first comment didn't make it. Lol! I just did my first sourdough bread yesterday! It turned out great. I have done a little with soaked breads and I just 2 weeks ago found this website with an ebook on soaking grains. Love it!!
    Here is the website:

    The ebook is called "Is your Flour wet?" It's free. Yeah!

    So my new thing is Kefir. Have you done anything with that? What do you think of it? I have both Milk and Water Kefir and so far I see a difference in myself and my baby. Pretty cool.

  5. Sorry, I've been totally overwhelmed with going back to work and Thomas working more hours than should be allowed. I have a starter for you, I am currently working on day shift so I could bring it by sometime later afternoon/early evening. busybee2118@gmail.com let me know what would work for you.
    P.S. I would totally love to get in on some chicken nugget making, once I'm a little more settled!