Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recipes from last night!

Last night was so fun. Thanks to those who came over and learned with us! Most of you requested the recipes of the healthy snacks I served so I will post them one at a time this week!

Also, for those of you who wanted to come but couldn't make it, please CHECK OUT MY REAL FOOD VITAMIN/MINERAL SUPPLEMENT link on the right sidebar. These vitamins are real and I can feel the difference in my life and in the lives of my kids from using them. Let me know if you have questions, ok!

Here is the recipe for the yummy tomato, artichoke, dip thingie

1/2 cup of the above pictured (my mom picked this up for me somewhere but they used to have it at Costco?

1 TBS. olive oil

4 Roma tomatoes (diced)

a good handful of fresh basil (diced)

1/2 can of black olives (diced)

fresh garlic (to your liking) I did one clove (probably would have done more but I didn't know how my guests would do with my normal amount of garlic!

1 TBS. balsamic vinegar

I made it a few hours ahead of time. Mixed it all and chilled it in the fridge until Go time. It was yummy!


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